Cottage Security System

Warmer weather is on the way and soon it’ll be time to open up the cottage. Your summer refuge is home to secure-your-home-while-away-on-vacation-everguard-security-teammany summertime memories for you and your family. When you arrive for the first time this year, you expect to do some maintenance due to the inclement weather but what if there is damage caused by trespassers? What if things have been removed from your property without your knowledge?

This could happen to you, so why wait until it does before considering installing a security system?

Most cottages do not have a phone line. That’s not an issue for Everguard Alarm Systems, we use GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications). Our monitored security systems can use different communication options other than a landline to send alarm signals to the central monitoring station.

Installing a standard security system with 24-hour local monitoring is your best bet. Service calls are dealt with quickly with our staff, local people receiving your calls.

Video surveillance is another way to amp-up your security system. You can also enjoy mobile access to your video feeds. A picture will be immediately emailed to you when your alarm is triggered to notify you if someone is on the property.

There are lots of additional security systems add-ons including Flood Detectors and Environmental Monitoring.

Protect your cottage to ensure this is the best summer ever!