Canadian Security Team is here for you!


Canadian Security Team has been deemed “essential” in the State of Emergency declared by the government of Ontario. 

What does that mean for the our clients and our team? 

First, in order to keep our clients and our team safe, we have temporarily suspended new residential installs in cases where the homeowner is present. This ensures that we actively play a role in flattening the curve. 

Second, we’re able to ensure continued monitoring of your security system for all residential and commercial accounts. The monitoring station is continuing to be accessible 24/7 in case of an emergency. 

Third, service calls are being vetted by our team accordingly. We are working within the industry guidelines to juggle the safety and security of our clients and our team. This means that essential ULC alarms are maintained, and that we’re ensuring systems stay up during this time. 

We want to thank you for understanding as we all work together to stay safe.