How Your Alarm System Sends Signals to the Central Monitoring Station

The communication between your alarm system and the Central Monitoring Station needs to be reliable inhow-your-alarm-systems-send-alarm-signals-to-the-monitoring-station-everguard-security-team order for your alarm to successfully send a signal to them. Whether it be a burglar alarm, Carbon Monoxide alarm, Flood Detector or any other alarm you want the proper people alerted as soon as possible in order to ensure the safety of your family is taken care of.

These days with the popularity of cell phones and most plans being cheaper than landline phone plans, it has become commonplace for people to decide to cancel their landline phone. Before you pull the plug on your traditional land line, the first thing you should do is contact us and discuss communication technologies that are compatible with your alarm system monitoring as service interruptions may occur.

Here are the ways in which your alarm system communicates to the Central Monitoring Station at Everguard Alarm Systems.


When your alarm is triggered, a signal is sent through your landline to the Central Monitoring Station.


No telephone line? No problem. Everguard has a simple integrated solution that uses a cellular communication device to send monitoring signals. This device can also be used as an automatic telephone line back-up system in the event the line is severed or damaged or it has been cancelled.


Your Internet/Wi-Fi signal can also be used to send an alarm signal to the Central Monitoring Station if it’s been triggered.

Which communication option should you use?

There are various communication options to choose from so there’s less chance of you having to purchase an additional communication medium simply for the purpose of having an alarm system. Talk to our team today and we’ll conduct a FREE estimate of your security needs (613) 965-5665