Got Questions? We Have Answers

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of security systems do I need?

Each individual and each location is unique, and as such we design the system around your individual needs and requirements. Our sales professionals will visit your site and talk you through what equipment is suggested and why it is being suggested.

Where are you located?

Our office is located in Quinte West, Ontario, other branches in Brockville, Kingston and Ottawa. We proudly serve Eastern Ontario and beyond.

What other alarms can be monitored by your company?

We monitor burglar alarms, fire alarms, CCTV systems, water levels, temperature, gas detection, medical emergencies and elevator emergencies.

What devices can be added to my existing system?

Most systems are very expandable and modular in nature. Different communication methods can be added (i.e. cellular or IP), as well as water sensors, temperature sensors, gas detection devices, panic alarms, medical emergencies and many more.

I have no phone line, what are my options?

No phone line? No problem. We can use either cellular modules or IP (using the internet) to communicate to the station.

Can I remotely control my alarm system on my smart phone?

You sure can. Both the IP modules and cellular modules have remote arming/disarming capabilities (may have additional costs).

I have pets, is that a problem?

Pets are not a problem. The system will be designed with your pets in mind. Detectors are also pet friendly, which allows us to create a system that will protect your pets as well.

How often do I have to change my batteries?

Different batteries on the system have different life expectancies. You can usually expect 3 to 5-year battery life (depending on the situation and type of detectors). The system will report a low battery to the monitoring station and we will advise you of the issue, so you don’t have to worry about it.

What do I do if my alarm goes off?

If you are home and set off your alarm, turn it off using your code immediately. Then contact the monitoring station to advise of the false alarm. This way, no dispatches will occur.

What is a Guard Service?

Guard Service is a service we provide where we can dispatch a guard to your location after an alarm, prior to dispatching police. They can investigate the situation and advise whether the police are required or not. This service helps eliminate false alarm charges from the police department.

Do you monitor sump pumps?

We sure do. There is a float detector that can be installed right in the pit. Should the water level reach a height it shouldn’t (due to pump failure), the station will advise you, so that you can attend to the situation prior to any major flooding. There are also flood sensors that can go on the floor to monitor if water has overflowed.

Do you monitor carbon monoxide?

Carbon monoxide detectors are available and are monitored by us as well. In Ontario, a carbon monoxide detector of some sort is required by law.

What is the difference between wired and wireless capabilities?

Wired systems require running wires from each device to the main control panel. Wireless devices use RF to communicate to the control panel. Both types of equipment are similar in their operation; wireless comes in handy when there is no way to run a wire through the location.

When can I schedule a free on-site estimate?

Anytime! Just give us a call and we’ll schedule an appointment whenever it suits you best.