Who’s There? Know Who Your Visitors Are Without Asking

A home camera system allows you to see who’s outside before you let them inside. The sound of a knock or a pleasant door chime doesn’t tell you who’s there. Maybe it’s a familiar visitor you’ll welcome—or a stranger who poses a threat. A home camera system takes away the element of surprise that criminals rely upon and allows you to make an informed decision … before you open that door.

Unlike the “closed circuit” security cameras of the past, today’s home camera system makes full use of password-protected network accessibility. Using dedicated apps, the homeowner can monitor the real-time live view of all cameras in the system from any smartphone, tablet or computer with internet access, whether they’re home at the time or clear across the country. Here are some of the other standout features of a home camera system:

Superior Resolution
Forget the bleary, grainy video common to home surveillance cameras of the past. Today’s systems offer high definition resolution formats routinely ranging up to 4K and now even to 8K ultra-HD. This technology provides razor sharp images for accurate identification of persons on your property.

See-In-The-Dark Capability
Today’s security cameras incorporate infrared illumination. Persons with criminal intent often exploit darkness and a shadowy front porch at night presents an ideal opportunity. Infrared LED lights invisible to human eyes illuminate anyone out there for clear identification on the video camera.

Motion Detection
Home security cameras include motion detection functions to notify you with a text or email if someone triggers a defined motion zone, such as the walkway leading to your porch. The motion detector senses human presence and alerts you to access the live camera view, without opening the door.

Doorbell Cameras
Burglars frequently ring the doorbell to confirm that nobody’s home before making a decision to break in. Security cameras integrated into the doorbell include two-way audio function. Even if you’re not actually at home yourself, you can speak to the person at the door while also viewing them remotely through the smartphone app. Whoever is at your door will assume the house is occupied.